Who We Are

At Sankhalpam, it is our mission to empower the underprivileged people of rural India with the tools and training needed to have a sustainably improved quality of life.

Why we do what we do


Although the Indian economy has grown steadily over the last decade, its growth has been uneven when comparing different social groups, economic groups, and geographic regions. Despite significant economic progress, one quarter of the nation's population earns less than the government-specified poverty threshold of 32 rupees per day (approximately US$ 0.6). Race, class and gender hierarchies have left a legacy of exclusion of the poor.

Our philosophy is built upon the belief that there are no quick fixes and that ongoing interventions can make a difference.


What we do


Education is our primary focus.


We believe that education is a key to breaking the cycle of poverty. We work with village leaders and schools to address students’ unique academic needs and personal circumstances as they work to become the first in their families to go to school.

We mentor and fund these students and hope that someday they will become change agents to end poverty and inequality in their communities.

Some other areas we focus on include: 

  • Charitable gifts for hospitals and orphanages
  • Emergency aid for natural disasters
  • Tree plantation in areas of heavy logging

In short, we exist to serve those who want a better life for themselves and their future generations, but lack the opportunity and guidance to do so.