Premanvita Child Development Center

Premanvita Child Development Center takes care of children who are physically and mentally handicapped people. This center has various departments and each department takes care of various children who are in need. The Center currently helps 80 in house children and 40 day scholars. These kids don’t even know how much they are supposed to eat ( regarding quantity ) they treat anyone like hero's who come to visit them and they really appreciate anything you do for them  people who work there are very dedicated and they eat the same food the kids eat . The initiative was started by a wife of a District/County Collector (Mrs. Agarwal) and has been doing great things in helping out physically & mentally handicapped kids

Our contribution

During his visit to India Raja has visited the center with Hari and spend some time understanding the needs and had first hand information of the various departments and how the people take care of the children. Lunch was sponsored on behalf of Prathik son of Raja & Sreetha. Raja , Hari and other Sankhalpam members spent some time with the kids and cheered up the environment.



  • Total Cost -  Rs 12000
  • Lunch - Rs 5000
  • Wheel chairs - Rs 7000 (2)