Plant a Tree

Deforestation is a prevalent problem due to several reasons - overexploitation of natural resources, crops heavily dependent on underground water reserves, overgrazing by domestic cattle and clearing of forests for framing. Also, natural causes like soil erosion due to floods have caused deforestation in several areas.

At Sankhalpam, we help contain this damage by working with government organizations to raise awareness among villagers. We also plant around 100 trees per month during months of June through August. This period, which coincides with the monsoon season allows best survival rates for plants. We also protect all young plants with low-cost, effective enclosures so that cattle do not feed on them.

We are currently working with Government nurseries to identify native plant species that are best suited for the area and also focus on providing benefits to the community in the long run. As a pilot, we have done our first tree plantation in Eluru. Our expenses for this effort are listed below.


Number of trees planted: 40

Types of trees: flame of forest, ficus, neem, neredu, marri

Cost of trees: USD 10 (inclusive of transportation)

Number of workers: 4 for 2 days

Cost of workers: USD 50 (inclusive of putting thorny weeds

around trees to protect from cattle)

Cost of watering till the plants get established: USD 40

Total Cost: USD 100

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